BPDEBenzo A-Pyrene-Diol-Epoxide
BPDEBusiness Process Development Environment
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Eventually, the damage caused by BPDE can cause genetic mutations that could lead to cancer.
If a BPDE adduct occurs in a tumor suppressor gene and isn't repaired in a timely manner, it can lead to a permanent mutation that turns a cell cancerous," Wentao Li, PhD, lead author of the study, said in the (https://www.
BaP, via BPDE, has long been recognized as a promoter of multiple types of cancer and is considered the single most important cause of lung cancer.
For example C1 is used to represent the concentration of BPDE in extracellular medium.
Although B[a]P was metabolized to BPDE in HCC cells, to what extent BPDE mediates the effects of B[a]P on HCC progression remains unknown.
Pipeline volumes expressed in terms of BPDE are on an energy equivalent basis where 3.
Overexpression of human glutathione Stransferase pi protects NIH 3T3 cells against (+/-)anti BPDE cytotoxicity but not tumor formation.
Morris and colleagues (unpublished data) found that induction of DNA adducts occurred at lower concentrations for BPDE than at those concentrations that elicited robust gene expression changes.
In Figure 2C and D, the genes are rank ordered, not by dye-bias strength measured with the split controls as in Figure 2A and B but rather by the mean ratio values of the eight determinations from the two dye-swap experimental arrays, comparing a treated with a control sample (in this case RNA from TK6 cells treated with 1 [micro]M BPDE compared with the control sample, both from the 4-hr time point).