BPDFBiological Process Development Facility (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
BPDFBinomial Probability Distribution Function
BPDFBidirectional Polarization Distribution Function
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The regression equation obtained between SBHr and BPDFS is in Table 3 (Equation 4).
5.4 Regression analysis of body part discomfort frequency severity (BPDFS)--HR relationship
Regression curves indicate that there exists a relationship between BPDFS (44.00 58.00) and heart rate (85.00 - 112.00 [bt.min.sup.-1]) (Figure 7).
The regression equation obtained between BPDFS and heart rate (in [bt.min.sup.-1]) is in Table 3 (Equation 5).
Results given in Tables 4 and 5 show the observed and predicted values of different pairs of variables (optimum SBHr Vs heart rate and BPDFS; BPDFS Vs heart rate) for this independent test series.
As corollary of this work, the present study was undertaken to determine an optimum SBHr with a larger sample size which may be applicable in an Indian context and to observe further, a relation of this optimum SBHr with Total Yield (TY) and other physiological variables like heart rate and body part discomfort frequency severity (BPDFS).
An attempt was next made to find out if any relationship existed between the optimum SBHr and heart rate, and BPDFS during the plucking operation.