BPDGBroadcast Protection Discussion Group
BPDGBusiness Process Development Group (Cisco)
BPDGBanque Profil de Gestion (French: Bank Management Profile; Switzerland)
BPDGBiochemical Pharmacology Discussion Group
BPDGBiblioteca Provinciale de Gemmis (Italian: Gemmis Provinicial Library; Bari, Italy; est. 1960)
BPDGBatavia Plain Dirt Gardeners, Inc. (Batavia, IL)
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With regard to the types of fabric and the main products sold, the CDG and the BPDG both sold cotton and silk, while the MPDG and the NNKDG sold only cotton.
The BPDG recorded only items sold and total income.
The BPDG, the MPDG and the NNKDG possessed stocks of raw materials for weaving.
The BPDG and the NNKDG both mainly produced for trade events and trade fairs.
(194) With the FCC's decision having been overturned, industry voices such as the Consumer Electronics Association--who had participated in the BPDG discussions, though in part seeking a more permissive system--expressed opposition to the bill to overturn ALA v.
During the BPDG process, the electronics industry's concerns were primarily about preserving marketable functions (e.g., the capacity to shift recorded programs to a user's computer), and they expressed little public objection to the idea of a flag mandate.
Despite the publication of the BPDG Report, there was considerable disagreement among participants about the process and the proposed solution.
In any event, the BPDG Report was put forward to the FCC as the appropriate solution for protecting DTV broadcast content.
(33) Robert Perry, Michael Ripley and Andrew Setos, Final Report of the Co-Chairs of the Broadcast Protection Discussion Subgroup to the Copy Protection Technical Working Group (2002) <http://www.cptwg.org/Assets/TEXTFILES/BPDG/BPDG Report.DOC> ('BPDG Report').
BPDG's final report, it noted that "[g]iven the current
(20.) The BPDG was formed as "an informal, open forum created
The BPDG counters that the alternative--fully encrypted multimedia streams--will have too much overhead and render millions of current digital TV sets obsolete.