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BPELBusiness Process Execution Language (for Web Services)
BPELBusiness Process Execution Language
BPELBusiness Partnership for Early Learning (Seattle, WA)
BPELBéton Précontraint aux États-Limites (French: Prestressed Concrete with Borderlines)
BPELBiological and Physiological Engineering Laboratory (est. 1979; Toyohashi University of Technology; Japan)
BPELBilan de Prescription et d'Evaluation Linguistique (French: Review of Prescription and Assessment Language)
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For example, it provides deep visibility into BPEL process flows in Oracle BPEL Process Manager, including individual process flows and a wide variety of interactions -- such as those with databases, files, manual workflows, JMS, EJB, email and Web services.
WSO2 BPS is powered by the Apache Orchestration Director Engine (ODE) BPEL engine, which is based on Apache Axis2, to deliver superior runtime performance.
This SOA-enabled integration to Oracle BPEL Process Manager allows companies to adapt business processes to changing needs using standard Oracle web services and extends this agile functionality to the mobile worker.
Componentized WSO2 BPS Combines Robust BPEL with Flexible Deployment
0 BPEL processes run "on the metal" as native XML applications, scalability is assured.
Keywords: Web Service Composition and Orchestration, BPEL, BPMN, Context-awareness, Dynamic Adaption.
The instruments used are based on UML (Unified Modeling Language) and BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) technology.
In response to the lack of robustness in loosely coupled SOA-based applications, this research develops a framework for verifying an underlying service composition by formalizing the corresponding BPEL specification and transforming it into an XML-based formal model.
Using components of Oracle SOA Suite, including Oracle Service Bus and Oracle BPEL Process Manager, coupled with Oracle BPM Suite and Oracle WebLogic Server, Choice Hotels has standardized application development projects, enabling it to cost-effectively deliver innovative services to its customers faster than ever before.
Directly embedding Java code in a BPEL process, using the Java BPEL exec extension (bpelx:exec).
El BPEL se considera una fase secundaria de la sucesion del bosque mesofilo donde se registran Quercus laurina y Clethra suaveolens mientras que CalHandra housioniana, Pallicourea pasiflora y Miconia mexicana predominan en el estrato arbustivo.
Tipicamente, BPEL se usa como un lenguaje de orquestacion de servicios, con el objetivo de formar procesos de negocio ejecutables.