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BPELBusiness Process Execution Language (for Web Services)
BPELBusiness Process Execution Language
BPELBusiness Partnership for Early Learning (Seattle, WA)
BPELBéton Précontraint aux États-Limites (French: Prestressed Concrete with Borderlines)
BPELBiological and Physiological Engineering Laboratory (est. 1979; Toyohashi University of Technology; Japan)
BPELBilan de Prescription et d'Evaluation Linguistique (French: Review of Prescription and Assessment Language)
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Por consiguiente, la plataforma debe contar con un modulo para transformar un documento BPEL a un modelo de grafos.
Oracle will apparently allow the Stellent UCM product set to continue in its current form for some time to come, and instead is concentrating on integrating elements to run on top of its Content DB and BPEL process manager, so there is less turmoil here than we might have thought.
Seyed Hadi Razavi, Ph.D., Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory (BPEL), Department of Food Science, Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran
Keywords: Web Service Composition and Orchestration, BPEL, BPMN, Context-awareness, Dynamic Adaption.
Grid service orchestration using the business process execution language (BPEL).
In the meantime, it also provided a transforming method from BPEL to privacy interface automata and verified if service composition behaviors meet authorized privacy constraints formalisms.
Here, a subject application LoanDemo from the samples of Oracle BPEL Process Manager [31, 32] is adopted for experimental analysis.
BPEL is a business process execution language based on XML, and BPEL appears as a SOA service composition standard.