BPEMBest Practice Environmental Management
BPEMBest Practice Environmental Management (Australia)
BPEMBusiness Process Engineering and Management
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Relative to mitigation of environmental impacts and risks associated with the industrial process, Klabin is heavily engaged in the adoption of BAT (Best Available Technologies - BAT) and BPEM (Best Environmental Management Practices-BPEM), aiming to reduce air emissions, liquid effluents, noise and solid waste generated by their activities.
La evaluacion del estado del recurso (Est) consistio en conocer si la biomasa actual [Bt.sub.Actual] era mayor o menor que BPEM utilizando la siguiente expresion:
A subsequent borehole pulse electromagnetic (BPEM) survey completed on drill holes SJ17-90 and SJ17-88 identified multiple conductors including a 300m by 500m target associated with this new discovery (See Figure 2).