BPEOBest Practicable Environmental Option
BPEOBipolar Disorder, Early-Onset
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The NGO, for instance, attacked Shell's BPEO document and its Environmental Impact Hypothesis, claiming "unsubstantiated assumptions, minimal data and extrapolations from unnamed studies" (Shell Expro, 1995, [paragraph]1).
* October 1994: A final draft of the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) and Impact Hypothesis is submitted to the UK Government's Department of Trade and Industry.
* With these constraints in view, detailed studies 2-5 years ago by several independent companies established that deepwater disposal of the Spar at a site in the deep Northern Atlantic was the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO).
* The inventory carried out by Shell as part of the original BPEO showed that the Spar was not at all the "toxic time bomb" subsequently alleged.
* Safety considerations are also a vital element in the assessment of a BPEO, and in comparison with deepwater disposal, the safety risks in terms of fatalities during onshore disposal were calculated to be some six times greater.
* At the same time the UK Government made it clear that, until demonstrated otherwise, the BPEO for the Spar would remain deepwater disposal.
Shell will award the implementation contract to whoever develops the BPEO - hopefully around the close of 1996.
The safety implications of the time and labor intensity of such operations will be a vital consideration in the BPEO assessment.
In the end, however, it will be up to Shell alone to complete the BPEO analysis and arrive at a balanced solution to recommend for the Government's approval.
Dismissing the challenge, Mr Justice Sullivan said although the planners had not used the BPEO in their consideration, what was important was they had analysed the issues raised by the scheme.