BPFOBall Pass Frequency Outer (ball bearings)
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And the BPFO is the frequency in which a rolling element passes over a point on the outer race:
BPFO = Z [N.sub.s]/[2 x 60] (1 - [d/D] cos [alpha]) (13)
When the ball bearing suffers a defect in the outer race, the frequency spectrum is expected to have the highest peak at the BPFO (Ball Pass Frequency Outer), since this defect generates an impulse every time the ball passes over it.
For the experimental signal the highest peak shows at the BPFO, which will indicate the presence of a localized defect in the outer race of the ball bearing.
As for BPFO, the variations in vibration transmission path, impulse magnitude, and force direction between impulse and planet gear meshing exist.
Fault type [k.sub.o] of BPFO [k.sub.i] of BPFI [k.sub.b] of BSF Coefficient 6.694 9.306 2.981 Table 4: Relationship between the rotational frequency [f.sub.y] of high speed shaft and the characteristic frequencies of all other components.