BPFSBasic Parallel File System
BPFSBack Pain Functional Scale
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Designing and implementing the two BPFs in the Cool Edit Pro 2.1 application (Chebychev-1 of band-pass frequencies between 3 and 5.5 kHz and Chebychev-1 of band-pass frequencies between 3.5 and 5 kHz) was helpful in removing most of the background noise frequencies, leaving the termite activity sound clearly detectable even by the human ear.
The study was undertaken in rural backyard poultry farms (BPFs) in Western Highlands, Lake Victoria Basin, and Coastal regions of Kenya.
In this paper, the realization of high selective dual-band millimetre-wave BPF by means of nonresonating node is approached.
In this paper, a design method for the 4-6% narrow bandpass filters (BPFs) with wide harmonic suppression bandwidth is described.
Self-pulsation occurs for a fixed EDFA pump power, by reducing the spectral separation between the BPFs, by red-shifting BPF2.
Bronchopleural fistula (BPF) is an infrequently encountered complication in intensive care units (ICU) in patients who have not undergone thoracic surgery [1] and poses difficulty in ventilator management.
From the above analysis, it is possible to detect harmonics by designing multigroup of BPFs with center frequencies of 6k, k = 1,2, 3, ...
There are some properties for BPFs, for example, disjointness, orthogonality, and completeness.
The bandpass filter blocks unwanted signals and selects desirable signal matched to different pass band mixers, that is, 1,920-1,980 MHz of WCDMA, 890-960 MHz of GSM, 1,575 MHz of GPS L1 BPF, and 2,400-2,483 MHz of 802.11b/g.
The Kaplan-Meier analysis showed similar BPFS rate (Figure 1) for men aged [less than or equal to] 55 years and older patients (2-, 5, and 8-year BPFS was 85.9%, 77.9%, and 72.4% versus 82.8%, 73.7% and 63.7%, resp.; log rank p = 0.57); therefore different estimated DPFS rate (Figure 2) was detected between study groups (5- and 10-year DPFS was 98.8% and 98.8% versus 96.9% and 89.2% resp.; log rank p = 0.031).
We describe three cases where EBV placement facilitated endotracheal extubation in patients with severe respiratory failure on prolonged mechanical ventilation with BPFs.