BPHABedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association (UK)
BPHABoston Professional Hockey Association, Inc. (Boston, MA)
BPHABermuda Physically Handicapped Association
BPHABroadway Park Housing Association (UK)
BPHAN-Biphenyl Sulfonyl-Phenylalanine Hydroxamic Acid (biochemistry)
BPHABerkeley Public Health Alliance (University of California, Berkeley)
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N-Benzoyl-N-phenylhydroxylamine (BPHA), sodium thiosulphate, hydrochloric acid, ammonia solutions oxine, dpy, dichloromethane (C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2]), and trichloromethane (CH[Cl.sub.3]) were bought from Aladdin (Aladdin Industrial Co., Shanghai, China).
1.9 mL treated water sample or 1 [micro]g x [L.sup.-1] Sb (III) standard solution and 100 [micro]L 1x[10.sup.-4] M BPHA solution were added to a 5 mL vial.
Figure 1(a) showed the pattern of the atomic absorbance of Sb (III) with different chelating agents (BPHA, Oxine, and Dpy) and their background absorbance.
(200_) 2-chloro-N-hydroxyacetanilide 2-CNHA 2-chloro-6-methyl-N- hydroxyacetanilide CMNHA N-hydroxyacetanilide NHA N-hydroxybutyroylacetanilide NHB N-hydroxy-tert-butyroylacetanilide NHTB N-nitroso-N-phenylhydroxylamine NNPH Sigma Chemical N,N-dimethylformamide (used as a co-solvent) DMF 1-hydroxybenzotriazole 1-HBT Aldrich 3-hydroxy-1,2,3-benzotriazin-4- (3H)-one HBTO 1-hydroxyl-7-azabenzotriazole HABT N-hydroxyl-5-norbornene-2,3 dicarboxylic acidimide HNDAI 2-hydroxypyridine-1-oxide HPO N-hydroxyphthalimide NHPI ciclopirox olamine CPOA N-Benzoyl-N-phenylhydroxylamine BPHA Begtrup and Vedso 1-hydroxypyrazole HP (1995) 47hydroxy-2 H-1,4-benzoxazin-3-one HBA Atkinson et al.
The long-term energy cooperation with BPhas opened its track to alternative energy sector as well as oil and gas.