BPHCBureau of Primary Health Care
BPHCBoston Public Health Commission
BPHCBoardwalk Pipelines Holding Corp. (Owensboro, KY)
BPHCBlock Primary Health Centre (India)
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EHP also participates in the annual Health of Boston community meetings, at which BPHC shares city health statistics with the residents of each neighborhood and hears back from community members about issues that are of concern to them.
organization suggested that the BCRR and UDS data submitted by their FQHCs to the BPHC might be inaccurate for the time periods in question.
The intent of this article is to describe the role of BPHC, OMWH, and their legislative mission to enhance the health status of underserved and vulnerable women and their children; to briefly review some of the background data on the medically underserved and the particular status of women of color within that population; to identify a series of questions to help frame the policy dialogue for developing services to medically underserved women of color; and to invite dialogue, feedback, and participation with social workers around a number of these key questions and issues that can help guide our collective vision and health care initiatives for the medically underserved over the next several years.
Considering all of these factors, we opted for a general model of clinical quality accounting for key patient, provider, and institutional characteristics, which would be relevant regardless of the specific measure and which would be of particular interest and policy relevance to BPHC.
The first is based on BPHC UDS data and captures the number of federally funded migrant health centers, community health centers, or public housing primary care programs within a 5 mile radius from the population centroid of the respondent's zip code.
BPHC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Loews Corporation (NYSE: L) and the parent of our general partner, for approximately $285 million, which is the same price paid by BPHC when it acquired this interest in December 2011.
The need for ongoing training and mentoring on everything from BPHC health center expectations to how to "read" a quarterly financial statement cannot be overstated.
The BPHC initiated the Health Disparities Collaboratives in 1998, in an effort to dramatically improve US health care.
The joint venture funded the acquisition with proceeds from a $200 million bank loan and equity contributions from BPHC and Boardwalk.
In keeping with its commitment to quality health care and in an attempt to improve health care for all while eliminating disparities, in 1998 the BPHC began the Health Disparities Collaboratives (HDC) on a national basis.
Only five federally-funded health centers were chosen by BPHC to implement the Perinatal and Patient Safety Pilot Health Disparities Collaborative.
BPHC will own 80% and contribute $280 million of the joint venture's equity and Boardwalk will own 20% and contribute $70 million.