BPIABusiness Products Industry Association
BPIABritish Pensions in Australia (Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia)
BPIABlack Professionals in International Affairs (Washington, DC)
BPIABrachial-Plexus Injury Association
BPIABusiness Productivity Infrastructure Analyzer
BPIABritish Photographic Importers Association (Croydon, England, UK)
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For additional information about BPIA and the value of biopesticides visit the organization's website at www.
Stoneman: Qualified prospects for membership in BPIA can join through a simple application process.
Bringing the same approach and spirit to the board and into the organization itself is also helping to generate new programs, new ideas, and new energy at BPIA.
As part of the Agreement, at Expo '98 APAC will feature leading Manufacturers and Vendors, of interest to both BPIA and APAC members, in the newly-created APAC PAVILION.
We have created an outreach committee that represents BPIA to the allied industry, and are in the process of forming a speakers bureau to take our educational efforts one step closer to ground level.
At BPIA, Tank was responsible for developing future-focused research to help dealers profit from technological, business and economic changes.
The BPIA Director has been present at the recently held World Road Conference, which took place in the South African city of Durban, to discuss on viability and commercial parts with the global airlines.
Last year, a number of BPIA exhibitors were less than pleased with being located away from the main exhibit space, saying there was less traffic.
And while the BPIA also welcomes the changes in general, he said it could be a while before it's absolutely clear what those specific changes are.
Part of the lure for BPIA members to exhibit at this first joint event of Neocon and BPIA was the opportunity to show recently introduced step-up office furniture to traditional Neocon attendees: contract furniture dealers, architects, designers and other specifiers of office furniture.
When the doors open on the BPIA MarketPlace at the 1997 Neocon World's TradeFair, it will mark the culmination of a partnership between BPIA and the Chicago Merchandise Mart that provides new marketing and education opportunities for dealers and manufacturers.
I think this is the only thing BPIA could do to keep the furniture people attending and supporting the shows.