BPIPBitcointalk Public Information Project (forum)
BPIPBuilding Profile Input Program
BPIPBest Practice Intervention Package
BPIPBest Play for Imperfect Player (NEC)
BPIPBusiness Process Improvement Program (Chandler Medical Center; University of Kentucky; Lexington, KY)
BPIPBook Plot Inconsistencies Project (Red Dwarf novels)
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The histologic features of BPIP are summarized in Table 7.
At low magnification, the most characteristic feature of BPIP is multiple foci of bronchiolocentric fibroinflammatory changes (Figure 4, A).
In summation, a reduction in the absorption and emission energy is observed with the changing of the functional group on the polypyridyl ligand from the bromo (BPIP), to the aldehyde (FPIP) to the nitrile (CPIP) and then the nitro-(NPIP-) based ligands.
This magnitude of the effect on luminescence maxima of varying the functional group from BPIP to NPIP cannot be reconciled by treatment of the functional group change alone, and the interaction of the auxiliary ligand and the functional group is paramount in determining the extent of the electronic change.
Ancak BPIP'in histolojik bulgularinin eslik etmedigi LNH'li bazi bebeklerde, diyet degisikligi olmadan kanamanin gectigi gosterilmis, enflamatuar kolitli veya normal kontrollerde de LNH saptanmistir (4).
Ayrica basta da belirtildigi gibi bu geriye donuk calismada amac sadece BPIP'li hastalarin klinik, endoskopik, histopatolojik bulgulari ile tedavi ve tedaviye yanit ozelliklerini belirtmek oldugundan eozinofilik gastroenteropati, besin proteini enteropatisi vb.
BPIP won the tender because of pledge to contribute US$ 7 million for community development in the regency of Kutai Timur.
"My goal with BPIP search is to try to get an approach with more finesse than Deep Blue but more brute force than Garry Kasparov-sort of an intermediate regime," Smith explains.
In tests that pitted BPIP searches against traditional alpha-beta searches in less complicated board games such as mancala (where one distributes markers in an array of compartments) and reversi (also known as Othello), the BPIP approach usually won, Smit h says.
Bu calismada, rektal kanama nedeni ile arastirilip BPIP tanisi konulan yenidogan ve erken sut cocuklugu donemindeki olgularin klinik, endoskopik ve histopatolojik ozellikleri ile tedavileri ve tedaviye yanitlarinin sunulmasi amaclanmistir.