BPITBritish Ports Industry Training (national training organization; UK)
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* Make a business plan commitment around a new BPIT. In other words, the strategy is similar to a company building the capacity of a new factory into its business plan.
A critical indicator of business-IT alignment is how well they work together on a single BPIT project.
For example, a BPIT may involve lowering the cost of raw materials by redesigning supply chain processes and implementing supply chain IT applications.
Each of the five C-level executives (CEO, COO, CIO, CSO, CFO) has a unique role during BPIT's life cycle, with the CEO's main function centering on ensuring that what must be accomplished across the organization to achieve business results actually gets done.
The CFO must ensure that the leadership team is fully prepared to bring in the BPIT on target, with its enabling technology fully VESTed, and must put in place all metrics proving the point.
Overall, the CFO must assert leadership in establishing metrics to measure results of BPIT implementation, must assist the CEO in resourcing funds for implementation to realize business value, must be a devil's advocate for system investment, and must work with the CEO and HR officer to ensure monetary incentives are in place to sufficiently motivate the company's key players to complete the BPIT and achieve the desired business result.
For instance, program management focuses on achieving the business result of the BPIT, identifying necessary work to change how the company operates.