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BPKBadan Pemeriksa Keuangan (Indonesia)
BPKBlackrock Muni 2018 (stock symbol)
BPKBildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz (German: Image Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage)
BPKBlazingtools Perfect Keylogger (software)
BPKB-Cell Progenitor Kinase
BPKBody of Professional Knowledge
BPKBremer Park Ltd
BPKBanking and Payment Authority of Kosova
BPKBytessence PassKeeper
BPKBiangabip Airport (Papua New Guinea)
BPKBurr Pease and Kurtz (law firm)
BPKBushman Pump Kit
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Real estate records show BPK Investments paid $485,000 for the property.
15/2004, BPK is allowed to involve public accountants, but they work on behalf of BPK.
12) Although this case related to the embezzlement of state funds from the local budget, the investigation was apparently not triggered by a BPK report (Siwalima, 14-4-2010).
Caption: Uhu, November 1924 (Source: BPK Bildagentur fur Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte)
The values of the nodules dry biomass of the cowpea plants grown in the saline soil of the Brazilian semiarid region that was amended with a 50:50 mixture of gypsum and sulfur inoculated with Acidithiobacillus, fertilized with N mineral source and BPK biofertilizers and inoculated with different recommended Bradyrhizobium strains and a control treatment with no N source (native rhizobia) are shown in Table 1.
Hermes BPK, which did not disclose financial details, said that the newly-acquired fund will join its suite of hedge fund solutions under the name Hermes BPK Greater China Fund.
And, when exposed to oxygen, the BPK radicals rapidly re-oxidize to form BP with an accompanying formation of [H.
Herry said the BPK had asked his office to trace the status and the owners of the commercial papers before they were taken over by the IBRA from financially troubled banks.
However, the internal statistics of various public accounting firms and BPK suggest that there is a high attrition rate amongst these beginning low-level staff and that few of them advance to the levels of managers, senior managers, partners or owners to the same extent as their male colleagues (Ditjen DIKTI, 2004).
807 million or over US$88,000 to what the BPK dubs "national institutions".