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BPKBadan Pemeriksa Keuangan (Indonesia)
BPKBlackrock Muni 2018 (stock symbol)
BPKBildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz (German: Image Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage)
BPKBlazingtools Perfect Keylogger (software)
BPKB-Cell Progenitor Kinase
BPKBody of Professional Knowledge
BPKBremer Park Ltd
BPKBanking and Payment Authority of Kosova
BPKBytessence PassKeeper
BPKBiangabip Airport (Papua New Guinea)
BPKBurr Pease and Kurtz (law firm)
BPKBushman Pump Kit
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Crommie's former boss at BPK, James Bell, described it as a "sad day" for his ex-employee but a good day for solicitors in general as "justice will be done".
We are doing it as recommended by the BPK," Herry said, but declined to offer information about the recovered assets.
In a similar vein, a woman working as a (public sector) auditor in BPK also noted that role conflict might lessen as family responsibilities eased:
For any given combination of AGE and DBH, the effect of BPK is an increase in the probability of shake.
Ido Hendricus Enklaar, Joseph Kam, "Rasul Maluku" (Joseph Kam: "Apostle of Maluku') (Jakarta Pusat: BPK Gunung Mulia, 1980), p.
The BPK radicals are able to react with methylene blue to form excited methylene blue, which is then can be rapidly decomposed under light.
Lima Dokumen Kesaan Gereja -- Persekutuan Gereja-gereja di Indonesia (Five Documents of Church Unity -- Communion of Churches in Indonesia), Jakarta, BPK Gunung Mulia, 1996.
With respect to BPK, BJZ and BLH, the stated maturity is on or about December 31, 2018; with respect to BKK and BFO, the stated maturity is on or about December 31, 2020.
START, EBEAD, KTM BPK IT applications and operational support software development and support.
Abineno, who wrote Sekitar theologia praktika (Regarding Practical Theology) (Jakarta: BPK, 1969), with a large chapter on Christian missions, and the Dutch missionary Arie de Kuiper, who wrote Missiologia: Ilmu pekabaran Indjil (Missiology: The Science of Preaching the Gospel) (Jakarta: BPK, 1968).
net 14 Ozark Regional Airport 51 BPK (Mountain Home) 10.