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BPKBadan Pemeriksa Keuangan (Indonesia)
BPKBlackrock Muni 2018 (stock symbol)
BPKBildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz (German: Image Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage)
BPKBlazingtools Perfect Keylogger (software)
BPKB-Cell Progenitor Kinase
BPKBody of Professional Knowledge
BPKBusiness Productivity Kit (software)
BPKBremer Park Ltd
BPKBanking and Payment Authority of Kosova
BPKBytessence PassKeeper
BPKBiangabip Airport (Papua New Guinea)
BPKBurr Pease and Kurtz (law firm)
BPKBig Pink Key (band)
BPKBushman Pump Kit
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Elaborating, he said the NUTP had invited the BPK for an engagement session on the introduction of khat writing in 2018 and this year.
Power supply will remain suspended on July 29 from the same grid from 10am to 1pm, resultantly consumers of 11KV Kehal, Sherwan, Kokal, BPK, APS, Town Havelian feeder will face inconvenience.
'I asked for immediate coordination and a breakthrough to resolve some of the findings from the BPK as stated by the Chairperson of prepaid spending, goods expenditure, capital expenditure, fixed assets, construction in progress and intangible assets,' the President said, adding that Next year's report is better and gets WTP.
First, the book reminds that one of the main features of political and structural reforms in Indonesia following the collapse of the Soeharto regime is the "success story" surrounding institutional and legal transformation of BPK as one of the most independent auditing bodies in the world.
During the interview with Bpk. Dodi by Radio Republik Indonesia, he said the repatriation of the 31 detainees from Philippines was successfully conducted.
"BPK temukan empat masalah pengelolaan Jamkesmas." Tempo, March 19.
BPK Investments, a company led by ACDI owner Josh Lane, purchased property for the new headquarters in September.
Afrox Healthcare Bpk. v Strydom 2002 6) SA 21 (SCA).
Moreover, with the inclusion of sophisticated reflective photoplethysmography (PPG) technology, contemporary activity trackers such as the Basis PeakTM (BPk) and Fitbit Charge HRTM (FB) have the capacity to use heart rate-derived algorithms to support energy expenditure estimations (Keytel et al., 2005; Luke et al., 1997; Wallen et al., 2016).
No one came forward to pick up his body so the hospital sent his body to BPK Hospital.
JAKARTA, Jan 14, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) of Indonesia said it has to involve public accountants in auditing the financial reports of nine ministries and other government agencies and 26 regional administrations this year.
With respect to soil pH (Table 2), the values obtained by the treatments showed significant reduction in the pH of the control (6.2) to 4.1, 4.0 and 3.9 at the higher doses of biofertilizer BPK70, BPK100 and BPK 200, respectively, in soil not inoculated with P polymyxa.