BPKPBadan Pengawasan Keuangan Dan Pembangunan (Indonesian state finance and development survelliance committee)
BPKPBahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar (Malay: Student Admission Management Division; Malaysia)
BPKPBadan Pemeriksa Keuangan Pemerintah (Indonesian: Government Audit Agency)
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The government's internal auditors, the BPKP, are assigned to independently verify the construction of the units, and the verification report forms the basis for reimbursements to the local government.
My fieldwork in Nakai took place during a temporary lull in the development of the area, that is, after the bankruptcy of BPKP and before the formal commencement of NT2.
''Those agencies not reporting the existence of off-budget accounts will be audited by BPKP by Nov.
Andrew Steer, World Bank country director in Indonesia said the bank has handed over the necessary documents related to the allegation to the KPK and the financial watchdog BPKP to start investigations.
To boost the anti corruption campaigns the president set up a Coordinating team for Anti Corruption drives to help the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chaired by Junior Attorney General with members including prosecution office, police and the financial watchdog (BPKP) officials.
Meanwhile the supreme audit board (BPKP) and UP3 have not succeeded in verifying payments of the liabilities of Bank Global to its clients as the central bank has not yet liquidated the bank.