BPMVBean Pod Mottle Virus
BPMVBrake Pressure Modulator Valve (GM)
BPMVBasal Plasma Membrane Vesicle
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As low as [10.sup.-4] mg/mL of ToRSV, BPMV and ArMV may be clearly distinguished from the background signals, suggesting that our approach is applicable to the simultaneous detection of multiple targets with unchanged selectivity.
It is improbable that the variability among cultivars for incidence of green stem disorder was a response to BPMV infection because there is no known resistance to BPMV in soybean (Wang et al., 2005; Zheng et al., 2005).
Pedigree information was recorded for all cultivars cited as being BPMV, SMV, TRSV, or TSV-resistant.
Plants were inoculated with BPMV, SMV, TRSV, and TSV 7 to 10 d after planting at growth stage V1 (Fehr and Caviness, 1977).
Three weeks after inoculation, trifoliolate leaf samples were tested for the presence of BPMV, SMV, TRSV, and TSV by double antibody sandwich ELISA (Clark and Adams, 1977) using Agdia antibodies and protocol (Agdia, Inc., Elkhart, IN).
Evaluation of Ancestral Lines for Resistance to BPMV, SMV, TRSV, and TSV
All ancestral lines tested were susceptible to the strain of BPMV used in this research (Table 1).
None of the cultivars were reported to be resistant to BPMV, TRSV or TSV, except the cultivar 'Semmes', which was reported to have a mild symptom reaction to BPMV (Ross, 1986).
Resistance was not found to BPMV and TRSV in the set of ancestral lines tested, although resistance has been reported to TRSV in two PI lines (Demski et al., 1999a).
soybean ancestral lines to inoculation with two strains of Soybean mosaic virus (SMV), Bean pod mottle virus (BPMV), Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV), and Tobacco streak virus (TSV).