BPNABP (British Petroleum) North America
BPNABanco Popular North America (various locations)
BPNABritish Paediatric Neurology Association
BPNABenton Park Neighborhood Association (St. Louis, MO)
BPNABoulevard Park Neighborhood Association (Sacramento, CA)
BPNABroadcast and Production Native Bundle (Waves Audio, Ltd.; software)
BPNABear Pond Natural Area (Canaan, NH)
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Anticonvulsant medicines may be necessary to terminate the event (Sadleir, 2007; Waruiru, 2004; Mewasingh, 2010; DiMario, 2006; Paul et al, 2011; BPNA).
Todd's paralysis--a brief period of paralysis after an episode of febrile convulsions--is also considered as complex, irrespective of the duration of the convulsion (Sadleir, 2007; Waruiru, 2004; Mewasingh, 2010; DiMario, 2006; Paul et al, 2011; BPNA).
Parents are often concerned that the underlying problem is epilepsy (Sadleir, 2007; Waruiru, 2004; BPNA).
One-third of children (30%) will go on to have further episodes of febrile convulsion during subsequent illnesses (Sadleir, 2007; Waruiru, 2004; Mewasingh, 2010; BPNA).
There is no strong evidence to show that regular anticonvulsant medicines will reduce the risk of developing epilepsy in the future (Lux, 2010; Sadleir, 2007; BPNA).
On consummation of the proposal, BPNA would become the 31st largest depository institution in New York, controlling deposits of approximately $3.9 billion, which represent 0.3 percent of total deposits.
BPNA and Doral compete directly in the Metro New York City, NY-NJ-CT-PA banking market ("Metro New York market").
Under the proposal, BPNA would purchase certain assets and assume certain liabilities of Doral in New York and thereby merge the branches into a viable ongoing concern with demonstrated capital strength and management capability.
In particular, the Board has considered the number of competitors that would remain in the banking market; the relative share of total deposits in insured depository institutions in the market ("market deposits") that BPNA would control; (12) the concentration levels of market deposits and the increase in these levels as measured by the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index ("HHI") under the Department of Justice Bank Merger Competitive Review guidelines ("DOJ Bank Merger Guidelines"); (13) and other characteristics of the market.
banking supervisors of the institutions involved, and publicly reported and other financial information, including information provided by BPNA.
BPNA is well capitalized and would remain so on consummation of the proposal.
The Board also has considered the managerial resources of BPNA and has reviewed the examination records of BPNA, including assessments of its management, risk-management systems, and operations.