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BPPBlack Panther Party
BPPBits Per Pixel
BPPBusiness Plan Presentation (business forum)
BPPBiophysical Profile (medicine)
BPPBasic Printing Profile
BPPBidirectional Parallel Port
BPPBinary Packing Problem
BPPBits per Processor
BPPBroadcasting Policy Process
BPPBidirectional Printer Port
BPPBridge Port Pair
BPPBrake Pad Partnership
BPPBoard of Pardons and Paroles (various locations)
BPPBryant Park Project (radio program)
BPPBankruptcy Petition Preparer
BPPBuilders Pavement Plan (New York)
BPPBusiness Personal Property
BPPBreakthrough Propulsion Physics (NASA project)
BPPBusiness Process Procedure
BPPBotswana People's Party
BPPBachelor in Physical Planning
BPPBig Poppa Pump (pro wrestler)
BPPBicycle and Pedestrian Plan (various locations)
BPPBeam Parameter Product (laser science)
BPPBanco Privado Português (Portuguese bank)
BPPBridge Port Pair (ATMF)
BPPBrake Pedal Position
BPPBilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria
BPPBloodborne Pathogens Program (various locations)
BPPBiopartitioning and Purification (Conference)
BPPBureau Performance Plan
BPPBounded Probability Polynomial (complexity theory, randomized algorithms)
BPPBrevet de Pilote Planeur (French: Glider Pilot License)
BPPBroadcast Primitive Processor (SAS)
BPPBond Pad Pitch
BPPBibliothèque Polonaise de Paris (French: Polish Library in Paris; Paris, France)
BPPBird Placement Program, Inc.
BPPBest Price Percentage (sports betting)
BPPBovine Pleuropneumonia
BPPBranching Poisson Process
BPPBilling Project Phase (Sprint)
BPPBilan Professionnel Personnalisé (French: Professional Custom Assessment)
BPPBeam-Position Processor
BPPBorrower Protection Plan (Bank of America mortgage insurance)
BPPBrake Primary Pressure
BPPBowman, ND, USA - Bowman Municipal (Airport Code)
BPPBulk Purchasing Program
BPPBrigadas de Patrullaje Policial (Guatemala)
BPPBadminton Pays de Ploermel (French badminton association)
BPPBalanced Program Planning
BPPBranch Planning Process
BPPBest Practice Protocols
BPPBIS (Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services) Production Partner (Germany)
BPPBarbados Property Portal
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But despite Panelo's letter and other recommendation letters from certain government officials, including former Ilocos Norte Representative Imelda Marcos, Gordon noted that the BPP had turned down the petition for Sanchez's clemency.
By contrast, 39 per cent of BPP members thought the most likely outcome would be a free-trade agreement similar to the one struck with Canada in 2014, while 26 per cent thought the UK would ultimately continue as a member of the Customs Union.
Nicola McEwen, professor of Territorial Politics at Edinburgh University, and a member of the BPP panel, said: "I think that a second referendum is possible but it is difficult to see how that would come about when it is certainly not the position of the leadership of the Conservatives or Labour or the SNP.
This is one of the main reasons why these centers have very low passing rates every year.In order to produce quality lawyers, there should be more practical activities for students, which allow them to enhance their drafting and advocacy skillsThe BPP law degree is being advertised in Pakistan to be taught by foreign tutors.
Although the extension for Your BPP (2)(a) would provide for newly acquired BPP, the amount available under this extension is subject to the actual BPP limit of insurance.
nee Sangwan Talapat), was a royal patron of the BPP, the paramilitary
Since the BPP control uses the RLD to control the building static pressure and the BPA control uses the RLD to control the relief air plenum static pressure, the building static pressure may lose control with the BPP control and reverse relief airflow may occur with the BPA control once the RLD reaches its limits, either the fully closed position or the fully open position.
Martin and Bloom detail how the BPP seized on the moment when the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) gave an early call for Black Power but provided no practical strategies.
BPP measures B2B brand performance based on three key dimensions: leadership (reputation and perceived market leadership), relationship (customer advocacy and ability of a brand to be a problem-solving partner) and impact (differentiation, satisfaction and impact of the existing brand experience).
The Biodiversity Partnerships Project (BPP) showcased the biodiversity conservation initiatives of close to a hundred participants from national and local government, international groups, non-government organizations (NGOs), academic institutions and private sector of different countries and was displayed at the Alpensia Convention Center in Pyeongchang County, Gangwon Province, from October 6 to 17.
En este trabajo se estudia como la Biblioteca Publica Piloto de Medellin para America Latina (a partir de ahora bpp) debido a su alta legitimidad con su entorno logro sobrevivir a graves crisis economicas, hacer cambiar una politica del gobierno que pretendia eliminarla y ser ejemplo para otras bibliotecas de Latinoamerica y de otras partes del mundo.