BPPABritish Professional Photographers Association
BPPABoston Police Patrolmen's Association
BPPABroadcast and Professional Pacific Asia Company (Hong Kong broadcaster)
BPPABasis Points Per Annum
BPPABay Professional Photographic Association
BPPABessis Pink Pony Advertising (Stuttgart, Germany)
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48) The BPPA gave inventors of biotechnology processes the option to make a "timely election" if certain specific conditions were met.
BPPA is owned 70% by BP Holdings International BV, a Dutch unit of the BP Amoco group, with the remainder owned by Petroliam Nasional Bhd (PETRONAS), Malaysia's government-owned oil company.
The BPPA, tel:0207 836 2460, will update its Code of Practice to ensure that its members employ the techniques that the study has endorsed as the most effective way to quantify non durum contamination in durum pasta.
BPPA tracked down the boy, who is now said to be attending Minamitane High School.
According to BPPA, burger sales have been negatively affected by the mad cow scare that began several years ago.
Katsuhiro Masaoka, general manager of Business Development Division, BPPA at Sony Electronic Asia Pacific, said: "4k is the future of cinema and it is here today, sweeping across major cinemas around the world.