BPPHBenthic Primary Producer Habitat
BPPHBurning PP Holz (band)
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He noted that in 2016, their BPPH beneficiaries only numbered 3,600, but then soared to 19,000 in 2017 after they raised the amount of the cash aid from P10,000 to P20,000.
Among these were: the public healthcare budgets information system (SIOPS); the system for management of the registry of agreements (SIGECONV); the Ministry of Health's bank of prices practiced by hospitals (BPPH); the e-government program; and the microcredit program called Credito Amigo (Credit Friend).
Over the duration of the exhibition, a series of insightful seminars will be delivered which will include the Maritime National Seminar hosted by UPT - BPPH BPPT.