BPPMBachelor of Public Policy and Management (University of Melbourne; Melbourne, Australia)
BPPMBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (BMC Software, Inc.)
BPPMBoyle Practical Project Management (Ireland)
BPPMBusiness Policies and Procedures Manual
BPPMBusiness Performance Project Management
BPPMBinary Pulse Position Modulation
BPPMBusiness Process Performance Management
BPPMBest Practice Project Management (Watson, ACT, Australia)
BPPMBeam Position and Phase Monitor
BPPMBusiness Process and Project Management (degree program)
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[+ o -] (a + bppm) = Precision del instrumento para mediciones de distancias
In BPPM, with a transmitted pulse p(t), the optimal template is calculated as in [21]
In this section, we compute the ABEP vs Average SNR per bit for commonly used Binary Data Modulations for UWB such as 2BOK, orthogonal PPM (BPPM), optimum PPM.
The transponder has a four-pulse PPM preamble followed by a 56- or 112-bit Binary PPM (BPPM) code, meaning that each aircraft can have a unique 24-bit address.