BPQBibliothèques Publiques du Québec (French)
BPQBody Perception Questionnaire
BPQBreathing Problems Questionnaire
BPQBusiness Plan Questionnaire
BPQBrian Patneaude Quartet
BPQBird Protection Quebec (Canada)
BPQBehavior Prediction Questionnaire
BPQBuying Power Quota
BPQBryant Park Quartet (New York, NY)
BPQBig Picture Question
BPQBreakthrough Pain Questionnaire
BPQBoulangerie Patisserie Quimperloise (French bakery)
BPQBelief in the Paranormal Questionnaire
BPQBehavioral Pediatrics Questionnaire
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Scores from confrontation and internalization stages correlated positively with the ASCS and BPQ outer core measures as they should have theoretically.
This work is focused on the comparison of two methods for BPQ solid lipid solubility studies (DSC/TG and microscopy) in the preformulation stage, and development and optimization of BPQ-NLC, using central composite experimental design.
T-TEST Showing Gender Differences in Economic dynamics of BPQ Functioning (Table No.
First, the descriptive statistics were examined in relation to the mean, standard deviation, asymmetry, kurtosis and score range for the SPQ-B and the BPQ subscales.
A intensidade de sintomas de luto foram avaliadas fazendo uso de um instrumento ainda nao validado para o uso em portugues, o Questionario fenomenologico do luto (BPQ) (Kissane, Bloch, & McKenzie, 1997), que, para fins da atual pesquisa, foi traduzida e retrotraduzida por dois tradutores juramentados, seguindo os criterios recomendados para a utilizacao desse tipo de instrumento em nosso meio.
(3,9,19,23) Hajiro et al (9) also found strong correlations between the CRQ and the Breathing Problems Questionnaire (BPQ) (r = 0.75).
The premise (p = c)[conjunction](qcb) gives for x = q that (x = q)[conjunction](bpq), where due to B2 and p = c here (bpq) = (qpb) = (qcb).
Convergent validity has been supported by a significant correlation between the ASC scores and the Black Personality Questionnaire scores (BPQ, Wright & Isenstein, 1977, r = .68, p < .00), which was designed to measure six bipolar response sets of Black consciousness (Williams, 1981).
We amended the BPQ by adding a number of questions about child development, including the following:
The BPQ contains six questions concerning whether some people possess different forms of extrasensory perception and psychokinetic abilities (e.g.