BPRBBeef Promotion and Research Board
BPRBBritish Psychic Registration Board
BPRBBang Pakong River Basin (Thailand)
BPRBBiopolymers Research Building (University of Utah)
BPRBBlighted Property Reinvestment Board (Pennsylvania)
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1) In the IR, the eNB allocates the SPRBs to CUEs whilst identifies the BPRBs and allocates them to the DUE.
% Proposed PRB and power joint allocation mechanism n = 1; for m = 1 to M do while n [less than or equal to] [N.sub.m] do if [[alpha].sub.n,i] [[alpha].sub.n,m] if [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], assign PRB [[alpha].sub.n,i] to DUE i and PRB [[alpha].sub.n+1,m] to DUE m; else assign PRB [[alpha].sub.n,m] to DUE m and PRB [[beta].sub.n,l] to DUE l; end if end if if [[alpha].sub.n,m] [not equal to] [[beta].sub.n,i], assign PRB [[alpha].sub.n,m] to DUE m and PRB [[beta].sub.n,l] to CUE l; else assign PRB [[alpha].sub.n+1,m] to DUE m and PRB [[beta].sub.n,l] to CUE l; end if n = n + 1; end while Allocate BPRBs of DUE m to CUE q; Remove the allocated PRBs from B, and remove UEs which has obtained all required PRBs from [U.sup.D] and [U.sup.C].
Algorithm 2: Proposed algorithm for jointly allocating transmission power and PRBs %Preparation of interference coordination 1) The eNB obtains all CSI and identifies the SPRBs and BPRBs for each UE.