BPRCBiomedical Primate Research Centre (Rijswijk, Netherlands)
BPRCByrd Polar Research Center
BPRCBryant Park Restoration Corporation (NYC)
BPRCBiblical Prophecy Resource Center
BPRCBusiness Process Resource Centre (University of Warwick; UK)
BPRCBig Peach Running Company (Georgia)
BPRCBalbeggie Pony Riding Club (UK)
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The population under investigation included all outpatients with leprosy attending the BPRC, a purpose-built research centre with dedicated clinical staff.
(14) The Morisky Scale questionnaire is an interviewer-administered self-reporting tool, (14) which was translated into Telugu and administered by BPRC staff members.
Study findings were reflected upon by BPRC staff and efforts were made to improve adherence by discussing relevant issues with patients and reiterating the benefits of completing treatment as prescribed.
The BPRC is the only laboratory in the EU that still uses chimpanzees.
The researchers at BPRC -- "they're primarily all PhD's," noted Martin -- calculated the difference in cylinder air volume and compression between a diesel operating at sea level and one working at 20,000 ft., where there is significantly less oxygen.
In Yanmar engines, the combustion chamber is designed into the piston crown, so to produce the needed compression, the technicians at BPRC layered the crown spacs with a metal-based filler material that reduced the combustion chamber volume by a full third.
For the gen-sets that followed, BPRC also selected Yanmar L100AE engines, typically rated 10 hp at 3600 rpm.
Patients visit BPRC voluntarily, or are referred by other physicians from private, government or other LEPRA organisations.
A total of 104 new or relapse cases were enrolled since April 2007 from BPRC, HYLEP and Sivananda Rehabilitation Home (SRH) for 'Molecular Epidemiology of Leprosy study (MEL)'.
The SSS samples were processed to obtain the DNA, as described elsewhere using Qiagen DNeasy Kit (in BPRC).
Finally, the bank of serological, biopsy materials and blots, from the INFIR study, which are stored at BPRC, Hyderabad, India, was described by Prof.