BPRMBureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (US Department of State)
BPRMBläserphilharmonie Rems-Murr eV (German orchestra)
BPRMBody Part Relationship Module (computing)
BPRMBreit-Pauli R-Matrix (physics calculation)
BPRMBudget Policy and Reporting Manual (New York State Division of the Budget)
BPRMBusiness Process Risk Management
BPRMBachelor of Parks and Recreation Management (Lincoln University, New Zealand)
BPRMBuilding Performance Rating Method
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BPRM and US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the Department of Homeland Security share admissions responsibility, and BPRM and the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services share responsibility for assistance to refugees.
BLRM 1246,86 BLRF 1543,57 BLNR 1424,88 ANOVA: Design 1 Within Subject Factor Base--F(2,256) = 7,38 p<0,000763 COMPARACAO ENTRE OS TIPOS DE BASES [BLRM]vs[BLRF]--t(128) = 4,29 e p< 0,0001 [BLRM]vs[BLNR]--t(128) = 2,49 e p< 0,0140 [BLRF]vs[BLNR]--t(128) = 1,31 e p< 0,1929 Analogamente ao observado com as bases presas, os resultados da analise estatistica com as bases livres apontaram um efeito principal de tipo de base, com a condicao BPRM novamente processada mais rapidamente em relacao as demais condicoes, como tambem demonstra a analise das comparacoes dois-a-dois (pairwise comparisons) feitas por meio do teste-t.
Therefore it is working towards liberty, tranquillity and public health.' Madrid, BPRM, 'Declaracion comunicada por Orden de S.M Cristianisima a los Senores Estados Generales de las Provincias Unidas', Fol.
Expressing his views the Hashoo Foundation's Country Director Ali Akbar said that the Foundation in partnership with BPRM is commemorating "World Refugee Day" to affirm HF's determination to help our refugee brothers and sisters; who had to flee their homes in Afghanistan.
Son programme jordanien est cofinance par le Bureau pour les Populations Refugiees et Migrants (BPRM) et le Fond des Nations Unies pour les Victimes de Torture (UNV).
This financial support will continue in 2010 thanks to the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM) of the U.S.
This project is funded in part by the United States Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM) along with in-kind support from Ericsson and Asiacell.
Applications are invited for: End-term review - bprm project.