BPRUBehavioral Pharmacology Research Unit (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; Baltimore, MD)
BPRUBranch Prediction Reversal Unit (computing)
BPRUBuilding Performance Research Unit (various locations)
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Of the 4686 cases of BPRU cancer diagnosed, 122 patients died within 30 days, while a further 140 were diagnosed with a second cancer within the same time period.
Female breast cancer was more likely diagnosed between 1 to 5 years than within the first year of diagnosis of a BPRU cancer, and the relative risk for lung cancer diagnosis remained elevated up to 5 to 10 years from the original primary diagnosis.
2 show the accumulation of second primaries among patients previously diagnosed with a BPRU cancer using competing risk analysis.
The diagnosis of subsequent primary malignancies post-urothelial cancer diagnosis is high in our study; 16.1% of BPRU cancer cases (17.8% male and 11.3% female) were diagnosed with a subsequent primary malignancy.
The overall risk for diagnosis of a second primary cancer is greatest for males within the first year of being diagnosed with a BPRU cancer and persists for up to 5 years; beyond 10 years there is no significant elevation in risk compared with a standardized matched population.
In addition, due to the time period of the study we were unable to assess long-term follow-up for more recent diagnoses (e.g, in 2003, 7 patients diagnosed BPRU cancer had a maximum 5-year follow-up).
The results presented are from population-based data and we are therefore able to capture all cases of BPRU cancer and almost all second primaries.