BPSFBengal Provincial Students' Federation (India)
BPSFBismarck Public Schools Foundation (est. 1989)
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Except for the BPSF, all ingredients and equipment were provided by Granolab Granotec Brazil (Curitiba, PR, Brazil).
Thus, the addition of BPSF increased the dietary fiber content in the flour blends.
Based on the apparent viscosity parameters (Table 3), the blend with higher proportion of BPSF (50%) showed a lower final viscosity (3.510 [+ or -] 0.126Pa.s) when compared to 100% rice flour (7.706 [+ or -] 0.237Pa.s).
From the characteristics determined with the RVA regarding final viscosity and tendency to retrogradation, it can be assumed that the cakes containing BPSF will have a extended shelf life due to the low retrogradation of the starch present in the final product.
The only blends that showed differences in granulometry (P [less than or equal to] 0.05) were the ones containing 0% and 50% BPSF, i.e., the extreme points of the study.
Samples containing the highest proportions of BPSF (37.5% and 50%) initially did not differ from the others regarding firmness.
In the present study, blends with higher BPSF content (37.5% and 50%) resulted in cakes with firmness similar to those found by SINGH et al.
The chemical composition of cakes indicated that the BPSF increased the content of dietary fiber, which has a recognized digestive functionality.
Both fiber and protein contents of BPSF cakes (37.5% and 50%) were higher than the results reported by MAURICIO et al.
Addressing on the occasion, the Chairman BPSF, Jaffar Khan Kakar and other speakers including Mr Mumtaz Khan Jadoon Nazar Mohamamd Baraich said that attack on the girls in Swat is against the teachings of Islam.