BPSGBoron Phosphate Silicate Glass
BPSGBaan Process Solutions Group (Invensys; UK)
BPSGBirmingham Parents Support Group (UK)
BPSGBrisbane Plant Study Group (Australia)
BPSGBicycle and Pedestrian Stakeholders Group (North Carolina)
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Within a larger number of projects, the ISIT in recent years polishing processes for various materials such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, silicon dioxide (thermal SiO2, TEOS, PSG, BPSG, polyethylene oxide, quartz), silicon nitride (LPCVD nitride, PECVD developed nitride), Borofloat glass, aluminum nitride, tungsten, copper, nickel, etc.
Enhanced diagnostic capability (including remote diagnosis) reducing unscheduled downtime through simplified fault identification -- Direct manual control to accelerate maintenance and troubleshooting -- Enhanced upgrade capability, allowing easier and faster system upgrades -- SEMI standards compliant (SEMI E95, SEMI E58, ARAMS, SEMI E30, GEM) -- Increased level of modularity -- Reduced handling times (improving throughput) -- Reduced footprint -- Decreased consumables usage -- Real-time data logging -- Advanced job scheduling -- Deep silicon etch rates up to 20 um/min and uniformities of +/- 3% (both within wafer and wafer-to-wafer) -- Deposition rates of BPSG cladding layers for planar optical wave guides increased by 3.
Specifically, the 3000 is used for applications such as silicide formation, implant annealing, oxidation, nitridation, BPSG reflow and thermal donor annihilation.