BPSNBlack P. Stone Nation (street gang; Chicago, IL)
BPSNBloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network (UK)
BPSNBudget Project Symbol Number
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In the BPSN, a sensor only needs to decide whether a target is within its sensing range, which is much easier and more tolerant to the dynamic nature of radio channel.
Taken the above constraints into account, BPSN stands out.
Then through simulation, we clearly understand the effect of different sensing radius in a 2D space, leading a way to more efficient utilization of BPSN. We consider the scene where there is only one target each time, leaving the situation of multiple targets to the future research.
In this paper, we propose a new way to locate the source of interference with binary sensors and we also analyze the effect when the sensing radius of each sensor is changed in a grid-based network, seeking to find the best way to highly utilize a BPSN.
BPSN is future-proofing our infrastructure and ensuring that every public sector stakeholder can benefit from a high-speed, secure and resilient network infrastructure, said Caroline Cooper, CIO at Buckinghamshire County Council, We want to be in a position to take advantage of the services that will be made available via the PSN, such as the G-Cloud Application Store.