BPSOBanque Populaire du Sud-Ouest (French bank)
BPSOBest Practice Spotlight Organization (nursing; Canada)
BPSOBinary Particle Swarm Optimization
BPSOBritish Police Symphony Orchestra (UK)
BPSOBase Personnel Selection Officer (Canada)
BPSOBlack Powder Safety Officer (US NPS)
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La Directora de Enfermeria Maribel Esparza-Bohorquez, y enfermeras Lina Maria Granados y Katherinne Joya-Guevara BPSO en Bucaramanga, comparten sus logros y desafios en la implementacion de la guia de buenas practicas sobre valoracion del riesgo y prevencion de ulceras por presion en la Fundacion Oftalmologica de Santander (FOSCAL).
For the BQPSO used in this work, the swarm sizes for the BQPSO and BPSO were set to be 20 and the population size for GA was also 20.
But he warned that should there be a complaint against any of the specially trained BPSO, an investigation would be conducted.
An important novelty found only in the BPSO and MBPSO is the exclusively Boolean update of [X.
On the podium was BPSO musical director Duncan Hinnells, his conducting finely-judged and assured.
Enfermera, Magister en salud Publica Internacional, Magister en Investigacion en Cuidados de Enfermeria, Experto Universitario en Salud y Cooperacion al Desarrollo, Directora del Departamento de Enfermeria 2014-2016 Profesor asistente Escuela de Enfermeria, BPSO Chile, Encargada Comision Innovacion Curricular 2011-2013 Escuela de Enfermeria Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
The BPSO can cover a wide range of applications as the binary sequences can be transformed to meet the requirements of combinatorial optimization problems [30, 31].
The refurbished Victoria Hall in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, will be the final stop for the BPSO when it finishes its national tour on Saturday, April 10.
The description of the MBPSO and MVDR algorithms as well as a comparison between MBPSO and the conventional BPSO are given in [7].
Established in 2003, the BPSO Designation provides an opportunity for health-care organizations across all sectors and academic institutions to receive support from RNAO in the implementation and outcome evaluation of multiple RNAO BPGs.