BPSOSBoat People SOS, Inc. (Falls Church, VA)
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Meanwhile, the American Red Cross's efforts to reach and serve the thirty thousand Vietnamese-Americans affected by Katrina are facilitated through BPSOS specialty training and assistance.
To inform hurricane survivors of services, benefits, and opportunities, BPSOS began deploying its network of Vietnamese-language mass media in the Gulf Coast in late 2005.
The BPSOS Katrina staff has assessed and identified gaps in services and developed plans to fill out and improve those available to Vietnamese survivors.
In the final phase, BPSOS will build capacity for local grassroots organizations to sustain the replicated programs and prepare the local community for future emergencies.
As time goes on, BPSOS will continue to transform itself, expanding programs and searching for ways to improve the lot of the refugees through advocacy.
BPSOS effectively uses advocacy to promote social justice, defend human rights, and protect human dignity.
As a result of the BPSOS advocacy effort that started in 1997, the United States recently resumed the resettlement of torture survivors from Vietnam.
BPSOS participates in a series of congressional hearings hosted by the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.
In 1998, BPSOS piloted a new initiative: building capacity for the Vietnamese-American community one organization at a time.