BPSVBovine Papular Stomatitis Virus
BPSVBob Parry Survey and Valuation (UK)
BPSVBay of Piran Shrimp Virus (pathology)
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Given the genetic similarity between the PPVs that are infecting red deer and cattle, ecologic studies should be designed to evaluate the susceptibility of these animal species, respectively, to PCPV, BPSV, and PVNZ.
We assessed the performance of the PPV real-time PCR assay with, as calibrators, 4 plasmids that were cloned according to routine procedures and contained 487 by of the B2L gene of ORFV (strain B006, pORFV), PCPV (strain B021, pPCPV), BPSV (strain B177, pBPSV), and SPV (pSPV), including the original sequence of these isolates in the primer-binding (PPV up, PPV do) and probebinding (PPV TMGB) region (cloning primers are shown in supplemental material Table 1 in the online Data Supplement).
6% in the B2L gene sequences of different PPV species, careful selection of primers and probe gave satisfactory and comparable amplification efficiency as well as a detection limit for the PPV species ORFV, BPSV, PCPV, and SPV, which was confirmed by analysis of 41 clinical samples from humans or animals infected with these PPV species.