BPTTBushy Park Time Trial (athletic event)
BPTTBack Propagation Through Time
BPTTBritish Petroleum Trinidad and Tobago
BPTTBlood Pressure Triple Take
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According to the company, the Cassia C is bpTT's third Cassia platform, handling gas coming from its operations in the prolific Columbus basin.
It enhances the computational efficiency by sacrificing a small part of the accuracy comparing with standard BPTT (or full BPTT) since standard BPTT calculation is less effective when backpropagation distance is too long.
So, the C-RNN model can be trained end-to-end and the identification error is minimized by stochastic gradient descent with truncated back propagation through time (BPTT).
Based on each of the three datasets, Fisher's LSD test was used to compare the mean performance metrics of the 28 ANNs in terms of the following five factors: (1) BP versus BPTT learning paradigm, (2) number of hidden layers, (3) B versus O learning mode, (4) M versus L learning algorithm, and (5) ANN topologies with different number of hidden layers.
Two of these, the West Jaya and the Rowan XL II, are drilling for bpTT in its Immortelle and Savonette Fields respectively.
Esempio di stringa di ricerca utilizzata su MEDLINE A ("Reliability"(MeSH) OR "Reproducibility of Results"(MeSH) OR "Validation Studies"(Publication Type) OR "Validation Studies as Topic"(Mesh)) AND (ULNT) OR (ULTT) OR (NTPT) OR (BPTT) OR (brachial plexus tension) OR (upper limb neural tension) OR (upper extremity neural tissue provocation) OR (upper limb neurodynamic) OR (upper quadrant neural tension) OR (upper quadrant neurodynamic) AND (test OR testing) Tabella 2.
On awa gr bptt On the flip side, having thrown away a lead in their qualifying group to finish second behind Greece, Billic's men pulverised Turkey 3-0 away in the play-off to win out on the same aggregate score.
The BP Trinidad & Tobago (BPTT) New Oil Export Line (NOEL) project called for a 30" diameter pipeline installed under the sea floor.
At some point we are going to have less of it," BPTT chief executive Robert Riley said at an energy conference.
For example, in Figure 5(d), the child wrote "ARG" for ham and "ARGCD" for hamster, and "BptT" for butter and "BptTfRGCD" for butterfly.
[23] used truncated backpropagation through time (truncated BPTT) to train LSTM on very long sequences, where truncated BPTT [24] is a gradient calculation algorithm.