BPUBBrownsville Public Utilities Board (Brownsville, TX)
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After being shortlisted based on their qualifications and later awarded the work based upon their project approach and qualifications, CH2M Hill, a global leader in consulting, design, design-build, operations and program management, was selected by BPUB as the At Risk Design-Builder.
The senior BPUB bonds are secured by net revenues derived from the combined utility systems.
In lieu of a check, a Bid Bond may be submitted in an amount not less than five (5%) percent of the total amount bid with a Corporate Surety licensed to do business in the State of Texas, conditioned that the BIDDER will pay the BPUB, as mutually agreed to liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, the amount specified in the Bond unless he enters into a contract in accordance with his bid.
The 'A' rating on the Southmost Regional Water Authority (SRWA) reflects the unconditional take-or-pay contracts with the participants, of which BPUB is the largest at 92.
SECURITY: The senior BPUB bonds are secured by net revenues derived from the combined utility systems.
Regarding fuel price exposure, BPUB has not historically entered into any financial derivatives to hedge fuel prices, instead choosing to hedge price changes with internal liquidity and defer credits to customers when rates are higher than fuel costs.
BPUB has a considerable capital expenditure program totaling $433.
The BPUB serves approximately 43,000 electric, 49,000 water, and 43,600 wastewater customers.
Tenders are invited for The specific goals of this project are to: Complete a comprehensive arc flash assessment on all applicable BPUB owned facilities and equipment.
Given this contractual arrangement, Fitch views SRWA's credit as being directly tied to that of BPUB, whose credit provides the ultimate security for the bonds.
The Brownsville Public Utilities Board ( BPUB ) of the City of Brownsville (City), Texas is forwarding a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for Professional Engineering Services for Arc Flash Hazard Assessment.
BPUB is a combined utility system, located in Texas' Rio Grande Valley, providing electric, water, and wastewater services to the City of Brownsville.