BPUSBenefit per Unit Space (algorithm)
BPUSBhartiya Patita Uddhar Sabha (Indian health care organization)
BPUSBee Pitron Unique Soft (Russia)
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For the project, Riedel-Kruse, Elossain and lab members built three BPUs, each holding six Petri dishes.
Dimilin (25% Wettable Powder), is a trade formulation of diflubenzuron (DFB) an IGR insecticide belonging to the benzoylphenyl urea derivatives (BPU) which is considered as chitin synthesis inhibitors [5,24,25,26,40,41,42,43].
"Several of those safeguards are missing with BPUs."
During a meeting of its working committe on Wednesday (Dec.31), Bharatiya Patita Uddhar Sabha thanked P.K.Datta, a trustee of the Abhayadan Trust, for gifting the BPUS a Rs.300,000 medical mobile van in April for the cause of sex workers, widows and destitute women.
additional services: the cea may request additional services on the basis of: - bpus presented in annex 3, - preliminary estimates based on the daily rates defined below.
The technical characteristics of the services are detailed in the cctp and in the bpus.
The Income-tax Department (ITD) has set-up 24 dedicated Benami Prohibition Units (BPUs) across India.
The Department had set-up 24 dedicated Benami Prohibition Units (BPUs) under its Investigation Directorates all over India in May, 2017 to ensure swift action in respect of Benami properties.
The expected services consist of: - the supply and installation of an HF matrix - the supply of HF distribution drawers, - the supply and installation of signal monitoring stirring, LB amplification, - provision of supply, expertise and troubleshooting BPUs.
Representatives from the Jewish Renaissance Foundation (JRF), PSEG and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) today announced a $250,000 PSEG grant that will be used to integrate the JRFs Building Healthy Communities initiative with the BPUs Comfort Partners Program in the northeastern Middlesex County municipalities of Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Sayreville, Woodbridge, Edison, Metuchen, Carteret, and Highland Park.
Main features: issue of purchase orders: orders, with a minimum amount of 20 euro (s) cumulated, will be sent electronically (e-mail or online order site) or by fax to the holders, as and when needs by issuing purchase orders with: - items listed in the bpu, - items not included in the bpu but offered on the supplier catalogs with the mentions of the public price and the percentage of discount applicable.