BPVBypass Valve (hydraulics)
BPVBenign Positional Vertigo
BPVBanca Popolare di Verona (Italian Bank)
BPVBoiler and Pressure Vessel (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
BPVBipolar Violation
BPVBullet Proof Vest
BPVBasis Point Value
BPVBovine Papilloma Virus
BPVBack Pressure Valve (oil and gas industry)
BPVBrake Proportioning Valve
BPVBullet Piercing Valve (ice maker installation)
BPVBusiness Process View
BPVBonnes Pratiques Vétérinaires (French: Good Veterinary Practices)
BPVBipropellant Valve
BPVBundesamt für Privat Versicherungen (Bern, Switzerland)
BPVBattle Planning and Visualization
BPVBackflow Prevention Valve
BPVBadminton du Pays Voironnais (French badminton club)
BPVBiologie et Pharmacologie du Vieillissement (French: Biology and Pharmacology of Aging)
BPVBleeding per Vagina
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11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BPV Capital Management ("BPV") announced today that as of December 1, 2013, the BPV Family of Funds would decrease advisor class fees from 1.
30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BPV Capital Management (BPV) is pleased to announce that it has added a sixth fund to its lineup of mutual fund products: the BPV High Quality Short Duration Income Fund (BPVSX).
Nomenclature BPV Boiler and Pressure Vessel DR dimensional ratio (DR = OD/thickness) FEA finite element analysis HDPE high-density polyethylene ID inner diameter of pipe OD outer diameter of pipe PE polyethylene PENT Pennsylvania edge notch tension SCG slow crack growth SENT single edge notch tension SIF stress intensity factor ([K.
I heard a shot fired from outside the BPV and put the safety catch bacK on.
In terms of verbal morphology, Calunga is largely on par with the local BPV.
3]) susidarymas labai stipriai koreliuoja su BPV, gaunamu is statybos sektoriaus (koeficientas1), bei su importu ir bendrosiomis kuro sanaudomis transporte (0,98).
There is increasing evidence that HPV is not cleared when lesions regress but as in COPV (45), CRPV (46) and BPV (47) infection remains in a latent state in a few basal keratinocytes (48-50).
This finding supports the premise that estrogen deficiency may contribute to the development of BPV by weakening the bond of otoconia to the utricle, they wrote.
The titer of the spiking virus control for BPV was equal to 7.
Phylogenetic analysis of these sequences and those from BPV, MVC, and B19 indicated that HBoV was more related to BPV and MVC (Figure).
6) The study by Norfolk & Rose had two psi outcomes: EDA presentiment and BPV presentiment.
The granting of the main lease to Butts Park Ventures by Coventry City Council was always conditional on BPV granting the rugby club a 125-year lease securing it's future.