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BPVBlood Pressure Variability
BPVBit Pointer Value
BPVBusiness Purpose Vehicle
BPVby-Pass Valve
BPVBypass Valve (hydraulics)
BPVBenign Positional Vertigo
BPVBanca Popolare di Verona (Italian Bank)
BPVBack Pack Vacuum (various companies)
BPVBoiler and Pressure Vessel (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
BPVBipolar Violation
BPVBullet Proof Vest
BPVBasis Point Value
BPVBreed Platform Verzekerden (Dutch: Broad Platform Insured)
BPVBovine Papilloma Virus
BPVBadminton Point Vienna (club; Vienna, Austria)
BPVBuilding Public Value (British Broadcasting Corporation; UK)
BPVBack Pressure Valve (oil and gas industry)
BPVBrake Proportioning Valve
BPVBullet Piercing Valve (ice maker installation)
BPVBusiness Process View
BPVBonnes Pratiques Vétérinaires (French: Good Veterinary Practices)
BPVBundesamt für Privat Versicherungen (Bern, Switzerland)
BPVBipropellant Valve
BPVBattle Planning and Visualization
BPVBackflow Prevention Valve
BPVBadminton du Pays Voironnais (French badminton club)
BPVBiologie et Pharmacologie du Vieillissement (French: Biology and Pharmacology of Aging)
BPVBleeding per Vagina
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Then, a part of the experimental results are chosen to compare the quality of compressed point clouds based on similar bpv. Table 3 shows the PSNR comparison results of the anchor and the proposed method for three examples based on specific bitrates.
The peak to peak trans valvular PG measured during the procedure dropped significantly from a mean of 98 +- 38 mm Hg before performing the BPV to a mean of 29 +- 14 mmHg after the procedure (p-value<0.001).
Previous BPV projects were expensive to develop, delivered a low power output and didn't last long, but the paper printing process suggests an easier, more affordable way to scale up the technology for potential commercial use.
After BPV, TTE was performed during hospitalization to assess the pressure gradient, valve opening, pulmonary and tricuspid regurgitation, and other morphological changes.
Moreover, despite the great number of studies focusing on HRV after MI, BPV has been poorly studied in this condition.
A linkage to 22q12 in BPV, but not in migraine with aura, was found [48].
It can plot a blood pressure variation (BPV) for one day using a line graph and display a pattern classified from the 24 hours continuous BP according to BPV pattern classification [39] proposed by Bando et al.
We also calculate the average embedding capacity bpv for each embeddable vertex.
Fortunately, studies have been conducted on blood pressure variability (BPV) as an important risk factor inducing TOD [4, 5].
CAN was assessed according to four cardiovascular autonomic reflex tests (CARTs): heart rate variation during deep breathing (HRV_DP), HRV during Valsalva maneuver (HRV_Valsalva), HRV during the lying-to-standing test (HRV 30: 15), and blood pressure variability (BPV) in response to standing up.