BPVCBoiler and Pressure Vessel Code
BPVCBridged Permanent Virtual Circuit (Cisco)
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In four and a half years the subgroup has completed its task, and the publication of the new Part PL, Requirements for Locomotive Boilers, is included in the 2015 Edition of BPVC Section I, Rules for Construction of Power Boilers, published on July 1,2015.
MOEDINGER, president and chief mechanical officer of Strasburg Rail Road, is chair of the ASME BPVC subgroup on locomotive boilers.
BPVC is the most common cause of acute vertigo in young children after otitis media and labyrinthitis (Eviatar, 1981).
Paroxysmal torticollis of infancy is a disorder of unknown etiology that may be an early variant of BPVC (Fried, 1980; Tusa 2000a).
Differential diagnosis of migraine includes BPVC, recurrent vestibular neuronitis, and headache due to other causes (Gans, 2002a).
This assures that the quality of our GB products is no different from that of an ASME BPVC stamped manufactured item that we would ship anywhere else around the world.
When a new material is proposed for BPVC acceptance for use in specific designs and construction, its materials properties data package is submitted to the relevant code committees for review and approval.
Every year, as thousands of engineering professionals interact with BPVC, a tremendous amount of materials properties data from industries, academia, and government research institutes from around the world flows through ASME's code committees.
Through the decades, the BPVC has become virtually synonymous with ASME and contributed to the organization's stature in the global standards-setting community.
The printed format will be distributed to BPVC subscribers in July 2008 as part of the 2008 addenda to the 2007 edition of the ASME BPVC.
Special Errata to ASME BPVC, Section VIII-2, 2004 Edition.
During the past year, ASME continued to address both the challenges and the opportunities in the use of the ASME BPVC.