BPVSBritish Picture Vocabulary Scale
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The reason for using these two dimensions of YARC was to add measures of literacy to the BPVS and CTOPP measures of receptive vocabulary and phonological awareness.
The technology, broadly referred to as microbial biophotovoltaics (BPV), uses cyanobacteria and other algae that convert light into electrical currents with water as a source of electrons.
Christopher Brown, business development and regional sales manager for Panasonic Eco Solutions, announced the new warranty today and notified BPVS of its selection.
The Swedish study, which found survival rates increased by nearly two-thirds when patients in their 50s received mechanical valves compared to BPVs, confirmed what the guidelines have said for some time: Younger patients should, in most cases, get a mechanical valve, even if it means a lifetime of anticoagulation therapy.
Bovine papillomatosis is a contagious cutaneous viral disease of cattle caused by Bovine Papillomavirus (BPV).
The PCR primer FAP set was designed from two relatively conserved regions found in the L1 gene and has been shown to amplify PVs DNA from both papillomas and healthy tissue of many animal species, including BPVs in bovines [15, 16, 20].
In addition, the language measures of vocabulary (BPVS; Dunn et al.
Group chronological ages and receptive vocabulary scores as measured by the British Picture Vocabulary Test (BPVS) can be inspected in Table 1.
Cutaneous papillomatosis (warts) in bovines is a contagious hyperplasia or benign neoplasm caused by bovine papilloma viruses (BPVs).
The British Picture Vocabulary Scale (BPVS) Short Form (Dunn, Dunn, Whetton, & Pintillie, 1982) was also administered.
To validate the clinical diagnoses of SLI a series of repeated measures ANOVAs confirmed that vocabulary scores, grammar scores, and expressive narrative scores were significantly below measures of nonverbal ability (BAS naming vocabulary), F (1, 63) = 4.78, p = .03, [[eta].sup.2] = .07; BPVS, F (1, 63) = 16.32, p < .0005, [[eta].sup.2] = .21; TROG, F (1, 63) = 35.68, p < .0005, [[eta].sup.2] = .35; Bus Story information, F (1, 63) = 32.01, p < .0005, [[eta].sup.2] = .34.