BPWGBusiness Process Working Group (various governments, organizations and businesses)
BPWGBest Practice Working Group (various governments, organizations and businesses)
BPWGBasic Profile Working Group (IBM)
BPWGBroadening Participation Working Group (US NSF)
BPWGBusiness Partnership Working Group (Environmental Campaign Committee; Hong Kong)
BPWGBicycle Pedestrian Working Group (Redwood City, CA)
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Although the BPWG would be expected to take the lead role in drawing together racing and bookmaking elements over betting issues, the wider implications of how the sport maintains interest generally in the face of competition from the World Cup are likely to fall within the remit of the Racing For Change project group.
The BPWG has established an interagency Lessons Learned Task Force to flesh-out specific options for how an interagency stabilization and reconstruction lessons learned process could collect, vet, distribute, and, most importantly, implement lessons in a timely fashion.
The Lessons Learned Task Force builds on the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Lessons Learned Workshop, which was hosted by the BPWG, the U.