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As the BQA continues with clinical integration and markets itself to the community, it will take a physician to lead the discussions on how the physicians will be reimbursed.
It is more difficult to classify quality tools into the types suggested by BQA, but we have tried to find the main raison d'etre for each of the approaches listed in the cases.
Aetna and Baylor Quality Alliance (BQA), Baylor's accountable care organization, also signed an agreement to provide coordinated care for Medicare Advantage members who receive care from BQA or HealthTexas Provider Network physicians.
BQA enlightens students, parents about national examinations.
Similarly, the beef industry has its own BQA program and has equipped a group of producers to serve as ambassadors for the beef industry.
Less likely is the possibility that you have at your fingertips a systematic index reflecting the healthiness of the human culture of your organization: a BQA measure of the extent to which all the staff can say that their daily interactions among and between one another are characterized by mutual trust, openness, respect, and caring.
All recently introduced cattle vaccines fit BQA guidelines, and product development hinges on inclusion of this product feature," says Wayne Cole, cattle marketing manager.
4) A specific example will help distinguish BQA from total quality management and from traditional quality assurance.
The BQA Executive Director highlighted Bahrain's interest in promoting the higher education sector by attracting leading regional and international universities to launch their academic programmes in Bahrain to contribute to achieving Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.
BQA is related to but distinctly different from the Deming-Juran approaches to quality improvement, which focus primarily on ensuring the effectiveness of the technical component of total quality care and improving the efficiency, in financial terms, of its delivery.
The facilities were designed according to the BQA of the City of Cologne.