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As the BQA continues with clinical integration and markets itself to the community, it will take a physician to lead the discussions on how the physicians will be reimbursed.
Aetna and BQA also will work together to improve adherence to best practices and treatment plans and BQA physicians will be rewarded for quality and efficiency improvements.
Aetna will provide BQA with reports that show the quality and efficiency measures at the individual member and population level.
Put another way, when BQA is working to help the "patient" minimize interpersonal toxicity, nurses are less inclined to want to leave the organization and patients are more inclined to leave quicker.
Only beef produced under the BQA Program can carry this symbol of wholesomeness and quality.
According to Paul Slayton, Executive Director of the PA Beef Council, the BQA awareness program is a "test market" or "pilot project" being conducted in the central Pennsylvania area.
Pennsylvania's BQA Program is just another example of the Department of Agriculture's dedication to ensuring that consumers receive the best possible products.
In contrast, BQA efforts focus on the general question, "Have all the hands laid on Charlie been appropriately and skillfully applied in the service of healing?
BQA is related to but distinctly different from the Deming-Juran approaches to quality improvement, which focus primarily on ensuring the effectiveness of the technical component of total quality care and improving the efficiency, in financial terms, of its delivery.
Combining our strengths allows BQA to offer a complete, high-quality service.