BQCMBBeverly and Qamanirjuaq Caribou Management Board
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The BQCMB is made up of representative members of the Arviat and Whale Cove communities of Nunavut, the Tadoule Lake and Lac Brochet communities of Manitoba, the Prince Albert and Uranium City communities of Saskatchewan, and the Fond-Du-Lac and the Lutsel K'e of the Northwest Territories.
The recent push for even greater strategic planning came as the result of a study done by the BQCMB over the past winter which found the population was at a "medium-high" risk of continued decline.
Ross Thompson is a former fish and wildlife biologist who is now the executive director of the BQCMB.
After his retirement, he acted as president of the Northwest Territories Cooperative Business Development Fund and the Inuit Art Foundation, in addition to his role with the BQCMB.
The Beverly herd has three immediate neighbouring herds with traditional calving grounds recorded through Aboriginal knowledge and aerial surveys: the Qamanirjuaq traditional calving grounds about 400 km to the southeast (Heard, 1983; BQCMB, 1999a, b), the Bathurst calving grounds about 450 km to the northwest (Heard, 1983; Gunn et al.
After 2008-09, the BQCMB was no longer able to report harvests because information was not received reliably from government agencies and there were difficulties in assigning harvests to subpopulations when the Beverly, Ahiak, and Qamanirjuaq herds overlapped in winter distribution.