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The volumetric joint count, and BQD values were determined for each quarry and their estimated values are given in Tables 1 and 2.
The [], BQD, and [V.sub.i] values determined for quarries were compared with the [V.sub.b], [J.sub.vb], and [[beta].sub.b] of the blocks produced from them.
The BQD ratio of the studied limestone quarries is also given in Table 1.
The in situ blockvolumes calculated by the BQD, have given similar results to the Palmstrom's [22] method.
A meaningful ([R.sup.2] = 0.8803) relation was obtained between [V.sub.b] and BQD values in the form of [V.sub.b] = 1.53 + 0.04BQD ([R.sup.2] = 0.8803) (Figure 7).
Quarry 10 seems to be the best quarry in the Karaburun Peninsula both in terms of BQD and [J.sub.v] values.
This graph can be used in two ways; either by determining the BQD of the rock mass first and then estimating the mean rock block volume from the established relation between the BQD ratio and block volume (Path 1) or by estimating the [J.sub.vb] from the [] - [J.sub.vb] relation and then determine rock block volume from the [J.sub.vb] - [V.sub.b] relation (Path 2) Figure 10).
The rock mass having BQD value > 50% is found to give economical blocks.
The relations established among the BQD, [], [J.sub.vb], and [V.sub.b] are presented as a graph for use in practice to estimate the regular shaped mean block volume obtainable from the in situ discontinuity measurements in a quarry site.