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BQGBangalore Quiz Group (est. 2004; India)
BQGBlog Qui Gratte (French music blog)
BQGBataillon de Quartier Général (French: Battalion Headquarters)
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During the Hennigsdorf steel strike, for example, intense outside pressure made it possible for unionists on the board to push through some of labor's demands (concerning employment levels, BQG support, investment, and other personnel issues) for that specific case.
7] By the summer of 1991, under pressure from unions, works councils, and political parties, the Treuhand had begun to alter its course somewhat: a negotiated agreement on the establishment of employment and training companies (BQGs: Beschaftigungs- und qualifizierungsgesellschaften) for the displaced, spun off from Treuhand firms, led to the rapid spread and growth of BQGs in the new eastern states (see below); and labor's influence appeared to grow on the state-level Treuhand advisory boards.
The major source of funding for the BQGs is the Federal Labor Bureau (BA: Bundesanstalt fur Arbeit), which, because of the magnitude of its payouts for unemployment, short-time work, and now the BQGs, has become quite important in the new eastern states.
20 In return for official support for this major policy goal, unions conceded to the Treuhand the principle that the BQGs would be separate entities with no formal ties to or claims on the firms from which workers were laid off.