BRACSBroadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme (est. 1987; satellite TV and radio; Australia)
BRACSBlast Resistant Artillery Camouflage Screen
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The Blue Light does not consider that pharmacy is a thing of bric-a- brac, scent and ice-cream soda.
So I braced up and placed my matter before her royal Highness.
These numbers have caused lawmakers to approach the idea of a fresh round of closures with skepticism, but recent appeals by defense community coalitions to consider doing a BRAC have shifted attitudes in Congress, said Smith.
Defense communities and an increasing number of lawmakers have realized that a BRAC is needed.
When asked why mixing alcohol with a diet drink appears to elevate BrACs, Dennis L.
Washington, February 6( ANI ): Mixing alcohol with a diet soft drink can result in a higher breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) than mixing alcohol with a regular or sugar-sweetened drink, according to a new study.
Examples of "service-centric" considerations that affect BRAC decisions include where tanker aircraft or bombers are positioned, where carrier battle groups are stationed or where to set up maneuver training areas for Army divisions.
The BRAC process now under way is cumbersome and bureaucratic, he said, but given the magnitude of the cuts the Pentagon wants, the alternatives were few.
In the coming months, the BRAC Commission will study the recommendations, and public hearings will be held to ensure that BRAC provides the best match between military function and force.
Grameen Bank and BRAC have received a lot of attention not only from development agents but also from academics.