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Miss Brada said the mother had written to the defendant's daughter, but Chiswell had not personally heard from her mother for two years.
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2008) and can reduce the protection of firm-specific assets (Brada et al.
At the same time, domestic instability affects the value of the host country's currency which, in turn, affects the value of the investment and future profits generated by the investment (Brada et al.
Since 2011, when the first payment service market was launched, NFC technology has gone through major changes to adapt to new environments and features, and repair the glitches in safety and performance (Brada & Brada, 2016).
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In Brazil, the first cases were confirmed in chickens and ducks from Rio de Janeiro by BRADA et al.
In what follows, we show why it is important to extend Piketty's celebrated literature because the growing evidence of inequality as a challenge to 21st century capitalism extends beyond the scope of developed countries (Brada & Bah, 2014).