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BRAGBicycle Ride Across Georgia
BRAGBuell Riders Adventure Group (Motorcyclists)
BRAGBaryon Resonance Analysis Group
BRAGBuckinghamshire Rural Affairs Group (UK)
BRAGBreathing Regulator/Anti-G (BRAG valve)
BRAGBexley Road Safety Action Group
BRAGBlack Retail Action Group, Inc. (New York, NY)
BRAGBuckeye Region Agility Group
BRAGBusiness Requirements Advisory Group
BRAGBushfire Ready Action Group
BRAGBrigade Artillery Group
BRAGBorough of Rushcliffe Access Group
BRAGBent Riders of Arizona Group
BRAGBangkok Regional Action Group
BRAGBlack, Red, Amber, Green (risk or readiness rating system)
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However, a non-caffeinated alternative is to post an outright brag (not a humblebrag) on one of your social media accounts.
Ramzi Nazhad, co-founder of BRAG, explained that they chose food as their debut theme because people who share culinary experiences on social media get connected more.
Why a man with Trump's wealth and notoriety feels a need to brag is a mystery.
Byddwn yn gweld Gareth, sy'n wreiddiol o'r Cymer yng Nghwm Afan, yn pacio llwch ei gyfaill yn saff mewn amlen yn ei ges, ac yn teithio i Brag.
The school has also won the coveted Ambassadorial trophy for their great performance at the Big Brag.
Technology allows people to enjoy the camaraderie that surrounds both sports at any moment on Tag N' Brag,” says Co-Founder David Giarrizzo.
The owner of a vehicle, possibly with the aid of associated supporting evidence (merchandise such as key-rings and clothing), may choose to brag about their ownership (or at least possession) of the product.
She offers good advice to journeyers, such as the caution to not compare information received with other group members, to not "brag", and to not compete.
BRAG President Gail Monroe-Perry says she sees a tremendous opportunity for black retailers to use their winning concepts to gain a greater market share of ethnic households: "As a result of fast growth, the buying power of people of color has been and will continue to be significant.
You and I can sit in the sports bar and brag about our kids and grandkids while the stuffed shirts sit in the martini bar and brag about themselves.
On October 17, a man claiming to be the sniper telephoned the tip line to brag about an unsolved murder in Alabama.
David Da Costa, co-founder of the pressure group Better Rail Advisory Group (BRAG), wants commuters to boycott trains on March 1 to highlight anger over poor services.