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BRAGSBioelectrical Repair and Growth Society (Dresher, PA)
BRAGSBurnaby Rhododendron and Gardens Society (Burnaby, BC, Canada)
BRAGSBarrier Reef Airborne Gravity Survey
BRAGSBritish Rainbowfish and Goby Society (UK)
BRAGSBathurst Regional Art Gallery Society (Australia)
BRAGSBattle River Adoption Group Society (Canada)
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He looked fiercely on Hector and said, "Draw near, that you may meet your doom the sooner." Hector feared him not and answered, "Son of Peleus, think not that your words can scare me as though I were a child; I too if I will can brag and talk unseemly; I know that you are a mighty warrior, mightier by far than I, nevertheless the issue lies in the lap of heaven whether I, worse man though I be, may not slay you with my spear, for this too has been found keen ere now."
how Marmaduke will brag! he is a prodigious bragger about any small matter like this now; well, to think that ‘Duke has killed a buck before Christmas!
'You needn't brag about it,' returned Fledgeby, disappointed in his desire to heighten the contrast between his bed and the streets.
Your social media connections may congratulate you when you brag and like or upvote your posts, but privately, they'll evaluate you negatively.