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(6.) Gu L-Q, Braha O, Conlan S, Cheley S, Bayley H.
Braha states that Complex Engineered Systems (CES) have emerged as a result of new technologies, such as the Internet, GPS, wireless networking, micro-robotics and nanotechnology [2].
Although Braha: A Tale of Innocence & Intrigue is a novel, it's based on the real-life trials and travails of the Volga Germans--German settlers who accepted Catherine the Great's Manifesto, offer to settle land near the Volga River in Russia.
Among the topics are cometary historiae and catalogues, astrological prognostications and cometary theory in Italy around the comet of 1577, Jean Fernel on celestial influences and the reform of medical theory, Tycho Braha's criticism of Maestlin and Thomas Digges in the Astronomiae Instauratae Progymnasmata, science and politics in Kepler's dedicatory letters to De stella nova and the Astronomia nova, and Galileo's astronomical accuracy and the optical limits of the telescope.
Braha, "On asymptotically [[DELTA].sup.m]-lacunary statistical equivalent sequences," Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol.
Dan Braha, Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, and a co-faculty of the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) in Cambridge, MA, gave an exciting lecture on modeling complex dynamic systems.
Pendant trois jours, les festivaliers auront le plaisir d'apprecier sous toutes leurs formes, timbres musicaux et expressions vocales du Malhoune et Samaa soufi au coeur de la place Braha Moul Niss et le Parc Mohammed V.
The dead cannot move on to their just reward, and the streets of Braha, the City of the Dead, just get more and more crowded.
Bryan Perro's AMOS DARAGON: THE KEY OF BRAHA (9780385739047, $16.99) tells of Amos, who survives his first mission as Mask Wearer but encounters a girl who ends his life and sends him to Braha, where souls await judgment.
There were only four survivors of this death camp, and one of these is a main focus of Moscovitz' documentary: Braha Rauffmann, who as a child, escaped from Belzec and spent twenty months hiding in harsh conditions such as a cemetery, a wheat field, and a pigsty, after being secreted away by a sympathetic Polish woman.
A settlement was signed today with the signature of the sponsor's four principals, Tamir Kazaz, CEO of Africa Israel USA; Andrew Ratner, executive vice president of Broadwall and investors Ralph Braha and Robert Spiegelman.
Braha Industries, David Braha, Manager, 212-714-1800 x28,, P.