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Similarly, prahok or kdam brai (salted crab) can also straddle the two techniques.
Some included titles are, Acyl-CoA Metabolism and Partitioning, Vitamin D as a Neurosteroid Affecting the Developing and Adult Brai, Breast Milk Oligosaccharides: Structure-Function Relationships in the Neonate, and Fifty Years of Human Space Travel: Implications for Bone and Calcium Research.
R kills Perry and devours the boyfriend's brai which transfers memories of Julie.
The team has been working closely with both Brai n LAB and IMRIS to develop the most technologically advanced suite possible.
(10.) Omotola BD, Grange AO, Adedoyin JA, Brai BIC, Omotola EB, Njepuome N.
SB 754 was supported by Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois (ABDI), the Illinois Licensed Beverage Association (ILBA) and the Beverage Retailers Alliance of Illinois (BRAI).
UNION MINISTER of state for science and technology Prithviraj Chavan on Friday said the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India ( BRAI) Bill was still " under consideration".