BRALBrusselse Raad voor het Leefmilieu (Dutch: Brussels Council for the Environment; Brussels, Belgium)
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The new entity, serving 59 destinations with a fleet of 72 aircraft, will be headed by Rob Hearn, currently chief operating officer at BRAL.
The purchase of the BRAL Group is a further step in British Airways' plans to better co-ordinate its various shorthaul businesses and reduce fragmentation among subsidiary and franchise partners.
BRAL was formed in a sell-off by British Midland, whose chairman Michael Bishop will make pounds 20million from cashing in his 26 cent stake.
3 per cent of the shareholders in BRAL, which is 26.
Yesterday's offer comes three months after BRAL revealed it was in takeover talks.
Earlier this month, BRAL - 30 per cent owned by British Midland's Sir Michael Bishop - revealed it was in early-stage discussions with a company - believed to be British Airways.
According to Old Mutual analyst Ben Thefaut, those talks could lead to a pounds 65 million bid for BRAL, worth 100p a share to investors.
Whereas alcohol produced impairment that coincided with rising BrALs in the first 30 min after dosing for both F and NF periods, subsequent performance under the two conditions diverged markedly: F yielded significantly greater impairment than NF over the 4 hr of postdose testing.