BRALBrusselse Raad voor het Leefmilieu (Dutch: Brussels Council for the Environment; Brussels, Belgium)
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BA chief executive Rod Eddington said: 'This represents a significant step forward in building a strong and highly competitive business in the UK regions and one which recognizes the individual strengths of BRAL, and Brymon, as well as British Airways Regional (BAR).
The purchase of the BRAL Group is a further step in British Airways' plans to better co-ordinate its various shorthaul businesses and reduce fragmentation among subsidiary and franchise partners.
Yesterday's offer comes three months after BRAL revealed it was in takeover talks.
BRAL declined to discuss what cost savings it planned to make through the deal, but stressed it did not foresee any job losses or reduction in services.
Earlier this month, BRAL - 30 per cent owned by British Midland's Sir Michael Bishop - revealed it was in early-stage discussions with a company - believed to be British Airways.
According to Old Mutual analyst Ben Thefaut, those talks could lead to a pounds 65 million bid for BRAL, worth 100p a share to investors.
Last month, BA came under fire over the cost of BRAL internal flights.